PROJECT; youthIMPACT's has an outstanding vision:

*A city in which all young people has a champion that expects them to be the best they can possibly be, whether through academic achievement, civic engagement, business, science, or the arts. 

*A school system that offers high quality education and provides opportunities for young people to learn, explore, and grow.

*A next generation of young leaders who are college education, civically-engaged, and prepared to move from the classroom to the boardroom dedicating their lives to nonviolence and service to others. 

OUR Goals

PROJECT; youthIMPACT's goals for the future:

*Increase high school graduation rates, college completion, and entrepreneurship among young leaders. 

*Expand the region's workforce with young leaders who are energized and inspired to make an impact in their communities. 

*Support the work of high quality schools to help expand opportunities for young leaders who are less fortunate, by giving them a hand up in society. 

*Help those who complete our program obtain a wide range of scholarships to assure that college is not a financial burden to them or their families. 

“For far too long our communities have accepted the negative statistics and obstacles that get in the way of youth achieving success - especially young people of color. Some have assumed that the problems in our communities are simply part of the American fabric. Others have remained silent, and there are those who are outraged, but not sure what needs to be done to address the issues affecting youth today. Our programs were created to give community stakeholders who want to facilitate change an opportunity pull together resources to give more young people facing difficult circumstances, a hand up, ultimately realizing and achieving this or her full potential.”
— Leonard C. Johnson III, MPPA, Founder